Verify That Your Lattice1 Is Authentic

You can verify that your Lattice1 is a GridPlus original for peace of mind when managing your funds.

How to Do It

Here's how to verify:

  1. On your Lattice1 screen, go to System Preferences.

  2. Select the second option - Security & Privacy.

  3. Now select Verify Lattice.

  4. Type in any characters and press enter (ENT).

  5. The device will generate a QR code - if you go to the URL that's contained within, you should end up at a subdomain that confirms the authenticity of your Lattice1.

How It Works

This process validates the origin of the device itself. Every Lattice1 has a unique ID key pair saved in the applet when it is initialized. The public key gets signed by the issuer (us - GridPlus) and that signature is saved in the applet - we call this signature the certificate.

When you type in the characters from step 4 of the guide above, your Lattice’s ID key signs that message and exports that signature along with the certificate. The data is displayed as a QR code and can be scanned, bringing the user to a subdomain page which informs them whether both the Lattice1’s ID key signed the provided message (what the user just typed in should be on the page as the message) AND if the card’s ID key was itself signed by the card issuer - GridPlus (if it was, you will see the verified checkmark). This is what the page the QR code sends you to should look like:

Get Your Role, POAP and GridPunk!

This feature is involved in getting the Verified Lattice1 Owner role on our Discord and then minting one of the official GridPlus NFTs - a GridPunk! Find out how to get yours here:

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