Advanced Frame Setup

Frame puts the power of customizability back into the hands of the user and makes it simple. Don't want all your signed transactions routed via Infura? Change your RPC provider, even to a self-hosted full node! Want your Lattice transactions to be routed directly from your self-hosted Lattice transaction router? Enter the URL! And more...

Adding More Chains/Layer 2s and Changing the RPC Provider

Other EVM-compatible chains can be added by clicking the Add New Chain button which you can find by scrolling to the bottom of the chain selection page.

You can also change the RPC provider for each chain in this menu, just click Pylon (which is Frame's own default RPC) and select either Local or Custom and fill in the details if needed.

Transaction Routing

The Lattice1, by default, routes transaction requests via GridPlus infrastructure in a fully secure, encrypted way. We cannot see the details of your transaction - nobody can.

However, we do offer an open source tool that anyone can run that will route your tx requests locally. To use that tool to route your tx requests, you'll need to tell Frame how to route them.

Adding Custom Tokens

Frame will auto detect most ERC-20 tokens on its own, however - if you hold some nascent or unknown tokens, you can add them simply by clicking More at the bottom of your token list, then clicking Add Token and then filling in the relevant details for your custom tokens.

Using Multiple Hardware Signers

Let's say you have the same seed backed up on multiple hardware wallets - it's easy to switch between them and continue using your connected accounts without having to re-connect your hardware wallets!

Just go through the connection process you can starts in Accounts→Add New Account and select your addresses when you're done. If you're adding a Ledger wallet, make sure to have the correct deriv path for Ledger selected in Settings.

Other Customizations

Frame is a powerful wallet with many more features - this list was just a short overview. Check out the other options in the Settings menu!

If you have any specific questions, you can reach out to the Frame team on Discord.

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