Setting Up A New SafeCard
New SafeCard? Simply unlock your Lattice1 and insert the card - here's what to do next!

Wallet Setup

Once it's in, you will be prompted to enter a six digit PIN; the PIN can then be changed on your Lattice by going to Manage Wallets and selecting Change SafeCard PIN.
You will then be presented with three options for setting up a wallet on your new card:
  • Generate Wallet
  • Restore from Seed Phrase
  • Restore from SafeCard (impossible to do with a new SafeCard)
If you select Generate Wallet, you will have the opportunity to record your secret seed phrase which you can use for backing up your account. You will also be able to enter an optional 25th word passphrase.
Please remember that the 25th word seedphrase is a user-generated source of randomness and NOT an unlock password; using a passphrase will change the derived account addresses.
If you select Restore from Seed Phrase, you will have the option to enter a standard 12, 18, or 24 word seed phrase as well as an optional passphrase. If the account you are importing originally included a passphrase, you must use it or you will not see the expected addresses.
If you select Restore from SafeCard, this action will be blocked as you can only restore from a backup SafeCard after a wallet has been generated. When you have a SafeCard with its own wallet, then this action is available when you go to Manage Wallets → Restore from SafeCard.
If you set up your SafeCard before Lattice1 HSM software version 0.12.1 (released late October 2021), you also had the possibility to select the SafeCard wallet to be non-exportable (this would make the SafeCard wallet impossible to copy in any way)
If you have a non-exportable SafeCard wallet, please don't use it with STARK-based crypto!
If you're not sure if your SafeCard seed was set to exportable or non-exportable when created, you can go to and try creating an account. If the account creation fails, your seed is non-exportable.
You can make it exportable by resetting the SafeCard wallet and importing this seed on it again (from a seedphrase or by copying another Lattice/SafeCard wallet.
There, all done!

Check Out The Setup Video!