Setting Up A New SafeCard

New SafeCard? Simply unlock your Lattice1 and insert the card - here's what to do next!

PIN Setup

Once you insert a new SafeCard into an unlocked Lattice1, you will be prompted to set a new, six digit PIN. This will be needed to unlock your SafeCard in the future. You may change it whenever you like using the Change SafeCard PIN option in Manage Wallets.

SafeCard Wallet Setup

After setting up a PIN, you will be presented with two options for setting up a wallet on your new card:

Generate Wallet

If you choose to generate a new wallet, your SafeCard will use its physical entropy to create a new, 24 word mnemonic phrase (a.k.a. "seed phrase"). Your card uses a true random number generation (TRNG) with a high entropy source, so the seed is safe to use for any purpose.
Once your SafeCard generates a mnemonic, it will be shown on your Lattice's screen. It is recommended you write this down before proceeding.
By default, you will be required to confirm all newly generated mnemonic phrases after they are displayed. If you don't want to do this, remove your SafeCard, go to System Settings, and make sure Confirm Mnemonics is set to Not Required (See this page for Lattice menu options). Once this setting is updated, you can re-insert your new SafeCard and generate a new seed without needing to confirm it.

Restore from Seed Phrase

If you have an existing wallet you would like to import onto your new SafeCard, you may do so by typing in the mnemonic phrase. Your Lattice supports mnemonic phrases of 12, 18, or 24 words. Although GridPlus generally recommends generating new wallets, you may want to do a direct import to avoid having to move funds to a new wallet.
WARNING: Your seed phrase is only as safe as the least safe place it has been. Seed phrases are standard and may be used to import your accounts into any piece of wallet software, including Lattice firmware. But beware: anyone who knows your seed phrase can import it into their own wallet and spend your funds. You should never put your phrase into a web browser or expose it publicly in any way or you can lose funds!

Adding a Passphrase

After you generate or import your mnemonic phrase, you will be asked if you want to add an additional "passphrase". This is an optional, extra source of entropy for your wallet. It may be useful if you want to write your mnemonic phrase down but are worried about someone reading your paper backup.
Please remember that the passphrase is a user-generated source of randomness and NOT an unlock password. Using a passphrase will change the derived account addresses and will be required if you ever restore your wallet from a paper backup.

Check Out The Setup Video!

Other SafeCard Wallet Options

There are several additional options for managing SafeCard wallets, all of which can be accessed in the Manage Wallets menu on your Lattice. Please see this article for up-to-date menu options. When you select one of these options, you will be given instructions on what you need to do. However, summaries are provided in this section.
NOTE: Your Lattice has an "internal SafeCard wallet", which we call the Lattice wallet. This functions just like any SafeCard and is used whenever you do not have an external SafeCard inserted. You may copy wallets between your Lattice device and external SafeCards as long as you have the PINs needed to unlock both.
  • Backup Lattice wallet to new SafeCard: This allows you to copy your Lattice wallet onto a SafeCard that does not currently have a seed. You may use either a brand new SafeCard (i.e. one without a PIN) or an existing card. If you use an existing SafeCard, make sure you remove the seed first (this is also an option in the Manage Wallets menu).
  • Copy SafeCard wallet to new SafeCard: To copy the wallet from one SafeCard to another, you must have one card with a seed and another without a seed. Make sure you have the card with a seed inserted before selecting the menu option.
  • Restore SafeCard wallet to Lattice wallet: You may also copy your SafeCard wallet to the Lattice wallet. Make sure you have a SafeCard with a seed inserted and unlocked before selecting the menu option. Note that this will delete your current Lattice wallet!