Rabby wallet is a Chromium-based browser extension and a solid alternative for MetaMask with support for nearly all popular hardware wallets without the need to use a hot wallet. Your Lattice can connect to Rabby as the only address just like Frame, no need to use a hot address as 'account 1' as in MetaMask. Using Rabby with the Lattice1 is almost the same as using the extension without a hardware wallet - but when you connect your hardware to the extension, all transaction requests will now have to be signed on the Lattice1 and you will get to approve all of them on the device screen.

This also means that whatever you can do with Rabby (this includes all chains other than Ethereum that are supported by the extension too!), you can do with the Lattice1.

You can get Rabby here:

Rabby and Your Lattice

Rabby uses addresses connected via your Lattice. When you connect your Lattice to Rabby, you can select the addresses from the wallet stored on your Lattice to be imported and each will then create a new Rabby account.

You will only import your addresses (public keys) and create a communication channel between Rabby and your device, your private keys remain stored on the Lattice.

This means that all transaction requests have to approved on Rabby like you're used to when using hot wallets, but then you will also have to confirm the transaction request approval on the Lattice screen.

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