SafeCard Operations

There are several additional options for managing SafeCards and the wallets on them, all of which can be accessed in the Manage Wallets menu on your Lattice1.

Please see the Firmware Reference article for up-to-date information about all Lattice menus, submenus and menu options.

Let's have a look at what you can do with your SafeCards:

  • Restore from SafeCard

  • Backup to SafeCard

  • Copy SafeCard

  • Change SafeCard PIN

  • Reset SafeCard Wallet

  • (Change Lattice PIN)*

  • (Reset Lattice Wallet)*

*Your Lattice stores the wallet you have on it on the same chip that's used in SafeCards - we use the terms "built-in Lattice wallet" and "SafeCard wallet" to differentiate between the two, but technically, the Lattice wallet acts just like a SafeCard wallet.

We didn't highlight the Lattice-related options from the ops list because this article is focused on SafeCards, but of course they will work the exact same as their SafeCard counterparts, but for the Lattice wallet.

You always need to have the PIN code in order to perform these operations!

Restore from SafeCard

This operation will erase the wallet you have on the built-in Lattice wallet and replace it with the wallet that's on an inserted and unlocked SafeCard.

You may find this useful if you need to reset your Lattice system for whatever reason (which erases the built-in Lattice wallet) and then just want to restore it again without using the seed phrase.

Backup to SafeCard

This operation will copy the wallet stored on the built-in Lattice wallet onto a SafeCard.

The SafeCard has to be empty - there cannot be an existing wallet on the card in order for this operation to perform successfully. If you have a SafeCard with a wallet on it and you'd prefer to use this SafeCard for another backup of your Lattice wallet, you can remove the wallet on this card with the Reset SafeCard Wallet option prior to initiating the backup process.

Copy SafeCard

This operation will copy the wallet from one SafeCard to another via the Lattice's card reader. The built-in Lattice wallet is not used in this op or impacted by it in any way.

Useful for creating backups of wallets you only have on SafeCards. The SafeCard you wish to copy has to be inserted and unlocked prior to initializing this process, and the SafeCard you wish to copy the wallet onto has to be empty. Just like with the Backup to SafeCard option, you can use the Reset SafeCard Wallet operation to clear a SafeCard with an already existing wallet if you want to use this card for backup.

If your Lattice and/or SafeCards were purchased prior to 2023, the chips on them will not be able to store the seed phrase, only the seed hash. If you e.g. backup an older Lattice wallet to a newer SafeCard via the Backup to SafeCard operation, only the seed hash will be copied, but not the seed phrase (because it's not there!), even though the new chip applet supports storing the seed phrase.

More in this article.

Change SafeCard PIN

This operation will change the six-digit PIN of your SafeCard. Requires the card to be inserted into the Lattice and unlocked to perform. You will need to input the new PIN twice - once to create it and then to confirm it.

The Change Lattice PIN operation works the same way, but for the Lattice device PIN.

Reset SafeCard Wallet

This operation will reset the wallet that's currently stored on an inserted and unlocked SafeCard. This will result in a SafeCard with no wallet. No impact on the card PIN.

The Reset Lattice Wallet operation works the same way, but for the built-in Lattice wallet.

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