Advanced MetaMask Setup

This article is far from covering every single settings option of MetaMask, we just wanted to highlight a couple of features that we think might be useful for Lattice users.
If you want to learn more, head over to the MetaMask knowledge base:

Renaming Your Lattice Accounts

When you connect your Lattice to MetaMask and import one or more addresses to the extension, each address will create an account that will be called Lattice 1, Lattice 2, etc. by default. In case you want to have your Lattice accounts named more clearly, you can rename them easily.
To do this, click on the three dots and select Account details from the menu. Then just click on the edit button, type in your custom name and save your changes.

Switching to Dark Mode

You may have noticed most of the MetaMask screenshots in our articles are in dark mode to match the knowledge base theme - the good news is you can also switch to dark mode and be cool
Do this by going to Settings → General and select Dark from the dropdown under Theme.

Switching or Adding Networks & Using Testnets

Knowing how to switch the active network you're on to a different EVM-based chain or an Ethereum L2 network is really useful if you want to delve deeper into blockchain tech and explore more the space has to offer!
Adding new networks is fairly easy, simply click on the button in the top right corner that says "Ethereum Mainnet" by default and click on Add network - you will be taken to Settings where you can choose from a list of commonly used networks (or add one manually). Or you can click on show/hide test networks and you will be taken to the respective settings option that lets you do so (testnets are hidden by defaults as they are mostly used only by active developers).