Installing MetaMask

This guide is primarily intended for first time MetaMask and Lattice users, but you might find it useful even if you're not new to the app and you want to make sure you're doing everything right when installing a MetaMask instance on a new computer or re-installing.
1. Download and install the extension - make sure to get the browser one!
2. Pin the extension in your browser so you can access it with a single click:
3. Open the extension, click on Get Started and on the next screen, click on Create a Wallet.
Why create a wallet and not import your existing one?
This is because MetaMask has to have a default hot wallet (Account 1) which cannot be a hardware wallet. You've already imported your wallet to the Lattice1 (or created a new one) during the initial device setup and now you just need to establish a connection between your hardware wallet and MetaMask - we'll get there soon!
4. Agree to the T&Cs and then create a password - this password is only used to access the browser extension - if you forget it, you can simply re-install the extension and set a new one.
On the next screen, click on Next, reveal the seed phrase, select it, copy it and paste it into notepad and then on the next page, select the words in the correct order (you don't need to save this seed phrase, you will most likely NOT use this hot wallet). Then, click on All done.
This 12-word seed phrase is different from the one you have on the Lattice and unlocks a different wallet (the default MetaMask hot wallet - Account 1).
You can always reveal the seed phrase words to this hot wallet in MetaMask settings under the Security & Privacy tab, but we recommend you don't use the hot wallet at all.
And there you go!