MyCrypto is an Ethereum wallet manager app that has a lot of useful tools for ETH users, including but not limited to buying, sending and swapping crypto, signing test messages, deploying smart contracts and many others, as well as a direct integration with the Lattice.

Unlike most other apps we have an integration with, MyCrypto is a browser-based online app and not a browser extension - you can check it out here (you can have a look at MyCrypto's features without connecting it to your Lattice or importing a wallet when you select View Demo Mode):

MyCrypto also has a desktop app you can download and install on your device, but please note that version of the app does NOT have support for the Lattice as of now.

The desktop app allows you to import a wallet via the seed phrase and supports custom passphrases as well, which is uncommon and can be very useful in situations in which you need immediate access to your wallet (in case your Lattice gets stolen or damaged).

Features Overview

  • Wallet management & analysis The MyCrypto dashboard allows you to manage and analyze the contents of your wallet and also visualize activity on any wallet or smart contract address in the Ethereum network.

  • Sending and requesting crypto transactions and swaps You can use the built-in send/request feature to send any EVM-based token that you have or request a specific amount, which will generate a QR code you can then send to someone. You can also swap assets directly in the app.

  • Buying crypto You can buy crypto with fiat directly in MyCrypto using MoonPay.

  • MyCrypto tools In this tab, you can find some tools that are useful not only for web3 devs, but also when troubleshooting connection issues and generally playing around with Ethereum, such as generating an offline signing request, deploying a smart contract, acquiring test tokens via testnet faucets as well as showing your NFTs on a clean dashboard (and others).

MyCrypto and Your Lattice

When you connect your Lattice to MyCrypto, you will allow the app to import addresses from your wallet, which you can then analyze and manage. This does NOT mean that MyCrypto will have full access to your funds - you will only give it permission to visualize your wallet addresses and request signatures when there's something you need to sign, like a token swap for example.

You will only import your addresses (public keys) and create a communication channel between MyCrypto and your device, your private keys remain stored on the Lattice.

This means that all transaction requests have to be approved on the Lattice screen.

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