Ambire Wallet

Ambire Wallet is an DeFi-focused smart account wallet app that has a lot of potentially useful tools for Lattice users, including but not limited to buying, sending and swapping crypto (cross-chain too), earning via DeFi deposits, viewing NFTs in a gallery and more - and all that with a direct integration with the Lattice. You can also use it to add extra security on top of your Lattice as you can use email authentication, account recovery and more via account abstraction.

Unlike most other apps we have an integration with, Ambire is a browser-based online app and not a browser extension - you can check out their website here:

Features Overview

  • Smart accounts based on account abstraction Ambire allows you to add an extra level of security on top of your current setup as each Ambire account allows you to add additional logic to protect your account.

  • Support for multiple dApps and WalletConnect You can connect to any dApp you want to use to Ambire easily, either directly in-app or via WalletConnect. This includes most, if not all, DeFi protocols.

  • Crypto transactions and swaps You can use the built-in transfer/deposit feature to send any EVM-based token. You can also swap your tokens directly in Ambire, including cross-chain transfer/swaps.

  • Buying crypto with fiat You can buy crypto with fiat/credit card directly in Ambire and choose between multiple services to do so - MoonPay, Ramp and others.

  • Automated transaction fees Ambire allows you to fill up what they call a "gas tank" and use these funds for covering transaction fees (you can actually use stablecoins to cover ETH fees this way, for example). Transaction fees can also be lowered due to batching transactions together.

  • WALLET token Ambire has its own token as well as a DAO, and you can stake the WALLET token in the app and earn. WALLET is used to distribute rewards within the app, among other things.

Ambire and Your Lattice

When you connect your Lattice to Ambire, you will allow the app to import addresses from your hardware wallet, which you can then analyze and manage. This does NOT mean that Ambire will have full access to your funds - you will only give it permission to visualize your wallet addresses and request signatures when there's something you need to sign, like a token swap for example.

You will only import your addresses (public keys) and create a communication channel between Ambire and your device (via the Ambire Wallet permission), your private keys remain safely stored on the Lattice.

This means that all transaction requests have to be approved on the Lattice screen.

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