Lattice1 Guides 🛠️

You can find guides for a couple of tricks you can do with your Lattice here.

Firmware operations

Update the Firmware - a short article about how the Lattice1's firmware is updated and where you can find this option on the device.

Verify That Your Lattice1 Is Authentic - a useful firmware tool that lets you confirm your device is a an original GridPlus product via reaching out to our servers to prove its authenticity.

View the Seed Phrase on Your Lattice and SafeCard - an in-depth look on a feature released in 2024 that lets you view the seed phrase on both your Lattice1 hardware wallet and your SafeCards - if they meet certain conditions.

GridPlus community

Claim Your "Verified Lattice1 Owner" POAP and Discord Role - a guide on how to get the Lattice1 Owner role on our Discord and be eligible to mint our unique NFT (the first hardware-backed one ever!) - a GridPunk.

Mint Your GridPunk! - a guide on how to mint yours once you're a verified Lattice1 owner.

SSH guides

SSH allows you to communicate with your Lattice via command line and lets you do things you can't do directly on the device screen. Usually used in troubleshooting issues.

Establish a Connection With Your Lattice1 via SSH - a guide on how to open a communication channel with your device so you can then send commands to it and request info.

Connect to WiFi Using SSH - a set of commands that allows you to connect your Lattice1 to a WiFi network manually.

Disable Wifi When Connected via Ethernet Using SSH - the Lattice1 will keep the WiFi module active by default, but if you wish to turn it off completely and only use Ethernet, this is the guide for you.

Staking Ethereum

Managing ETH Validator Keys - a guide for ETH stakers running a node.

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