Installing Frame

Frame is composed of two parts, the Frame desktop application, where hot wallets and hardware wallet connections exist, and the Frame companion browser extension that injects into dApps just like MetaMask does. It even has a compatibility mode for dApps only suited to MetaMask and can inject "as MetaMask" on these sites, even if there's no native support for Frame. Installing Frame is quite straight-forward, go to Frame's website and install the desktop app:

When you're done with that, scroll down a little on the Frame website and click on the Firefox or Chrome icon to install the Frame Companion browser extension.

Frame will appear as a system widget on the right side of your screen and can be summoned and hidden using the option+/ keyboard shortcut on Mac or alt+- on Win (can be customized in Settings). The Frame companion extension allows you to quickly switch between networks and toggle the MetaMask compatibility mode.

You are not required to use a hot wallet in Frame, so no further setup is necessary if you plan on only using your Lattice via Frame, you can just move on to the Connecting to Frame guide ↓

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