View the Seed Phrase on Your Lattice and SafeCard

You can view the seed phrase stored on the Lattice or on a SafeCard very easily, but there are a couple of conditions that need to be met for you to be able to do that.

  1. If you want to view the seed phrase on the Lattice1 wallet, you will need to have a device that was purchased in 2023 and onwards.

  2. If you want to view the seed phrase on a SafeCard wallet, you will need to have a SafeCard with an updated applet. If your SafeCards were purchased in 2023 and on, they will have the new applet.

You can of course still use your old SafeCards the way you're used to. Think of it this way: older Lattices/cards will only have one slot on the secure chip, and this slot will hold the seed hash, the hexadecimal string used in deriving addresses and private keys.

On newer devices/cards, this seed hash slot will stay the same, but in addition to it, there will also be a second slot that will hold the seed phrase itself in the 12/18/24-word format.

If your Lattice1 and/or SafeCard(s) have the updated applet, you can easily view the seed phrase by clicking on the first option on the Lattice homescreen (Lattice1/SafeCard Wallet) and then selecting Display Lattice1/SafeCard Seed Phrase.

Please note that this feature is PIN-protected, and you will have to unlock your device with its PIN if you want to see the Lattice1 wallet's seed phrase, or type in the SafeCard PIN if you want to see the seed phrase of the SafeCard wallet. You will ONLY see the seed phrase (12/18/24 words) - if you created a passphrase, it will not be shown on this screen.

NEVER view your seed phrase in public! ONLY do this if you're alone!

If someone gains access to your seed phrase, they will be able to control your wallet and all its assets - unless your wallet was generated with a custom passphrase. But even that situation is far from ideal and you should make sure your seed phrase is well-protected - if you're not sure about your setup, please read through our article on this topic:

Also, Lattices/cards with the older applet are 100% compatible with Lattices/cards with the new applet, but please note this might have impact on Manage Wallets operations.

For example, if you copy an older SafeCard to a brand new and unused one with the new applet, the seed hash/wallet will get copied just fine, but since the older SafeCard wasn't able to store the seed phrase, your new card will now only hold the seed hash and you won't be able to view the seed phrase on the device (because it's not there).

In this particular case, it's better to create the wallet on the new card via the Restore from Seed Phrase option instead of copying an older SafeCard with the same wallet, as you will get both the seed hash AND the seed phrase.

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