Connecting Your Lattice to Your Own Private Endpoint

By default, your Lattice1 connects to and routes tx requests via our own GridPlus cloud infrastructure. Any messages sent to and from your device are always end-to-end encrypted and remain completely secure; however, we believe that Lattice1 owners should always have the option to manage this service themselves, should they choose to do so.

And for this reason, we created a basic service you can run on your own network via a command line that will replace our cloud endpoint entirely, allowing you to sign with your Lattice without using any GridPlus infrastructure.

Running Lattice Connect yourself provides several advantages:

  • Offers the fastest message routing possible for a Lattice1

  • Provides the highest amount of privacy available while using a Lattice1

  • Zero configuration changes required (e.g., no SSH'ing necessary)

  • Setup takes less than 5 minutes!

You can find the source code and guide here on our public Github repository:

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