Connecting to MyCrypto

If you'd like to try MyCrypto out and see all the features the dashboard app has to offer, connecting your Lattice to it is very easy and will take just a minute or two.

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. In the MyCrypto app, go to the Add tab on the left or this link and select GridPlus. On the next screen, select the chain you want to use and hit Next.

  1. Make sure your Lattice is online and unlocked and on the next step, simply click on Connect to GridPlus to initiate the pairing process.

  1. You will be taken to the Lattice Connector module, where you will need to input your device ID and create a password. You can find your device ID as the last item on the Lattice homescreen. The password can be anything and it is saved in the permission this pairing process will create on your device. To reset the password, you can delete the MyCrypto permission from your Lattice under permission, but please note you'll then have to re-connect to the app. After you type both of these in, click on Connect.

  1. A secret code will then be generated on your Lattice screen, which you will have to type in the Lattice Manager window in order to connect your Lattice to MyCrypto.

  1. If you type in the code correctly, your Lattice will show a successfully connected message and you will be taken back to MyCrypto to the Select an Account screen. Here you can rename the newly connected accounts you're importing to MyCrypto (but you can also do that later). If the wallet you have on the Lattice or an active SafeCard was created on a Ledger device, you will not see your balance and the addresses will be different from the ones you're used to using, this is because Ledger uses non-standard derivation paths. In order to fix this, you will have to switch the derivation path to a custom one by clicking on add a custom derivation path. You can find an explanation of Ledger's derivation paths here. Then just click on Add x Accounts and you're done!

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