Lattice1 Introduction

The GridPlus Lattice1 is a next-generation hardware wallet designed by crypto users for crypto users - created to be a digital asset management hub for a world which actively uses cryptocurrency and where creating cryptographic signatures will become as common as sending a text message today.

The Best Way to Use Crypto Today

The Lattice1 was designed to be the most user-friendly hardware wallet for crypto enthusiasts ranging from blockchain devs, traders and NFT collectors to DeFi degens and stacking holders - during device development, we focused on two main areas - user experience and security.

Lattice1 User Experience

Secure signing and readable data

If you're used to clicking through multiple screens of unreadable transaction data before you're able to confirm a transaction, we have good news for you - the Lattice has a big 5" TFT touchscreen that lets you check what you're signing as all transaction data is translated into human-readable form thanks to our automatic ABI decoding.

No more interacting with malicious smart contracts by mistake! And no more endless clicking.

One device, unlimited wallets

Our SafeCard smart cards allows you to manage unlimited hardware-backed crypto wallets with just one Lattice1 device - in addition to this, they serve as easily accessible, convenient and secure backups for all of your wallets. Using SafeCards allows you split your crypto holdings into multiple wallets with unique seed phrases, which enhances the overall security of your wallet management.

So, how do you use SafeCards? You simply insert the card into the Lattice, unlock it with its PIN and you can now sign transaction requests with private keys from a wallet that may be completely different from the wallet you have on the Lattice1.

One Lattice1 device + unlimited SafeCards = unlimited wallets.

We understand you, like most other crypto users today, have a preference for the software wallet you want to use in your daily interactions with the blockchain, so we partnered up with multiple wallet providers and integrated the Lattice1 with their apps. You can choose one (or more!) apps from the list below, connect your Lattice to the app directly and then just continue using it the way you're used to - with all of your accounts now protected by the Lattice1's robust secure architecture:

We also have our very own Lattice Manager loaded with cool features for managing your Bitcoin, customizing your EVM experience and more!

Authenticity, privacy and ownership

Lattices and SafeCards can be verified to be genuine GridPlus products thanks to the unique GridPlus certificate that's stored on them - if you were ever afraid of getting a hardware wallet that might have compromised firmware, you can restore your peace of mind with the Lattice. Here's how this works.

We don't collect any user data on the Lattice Manager and we delete your personal info from our store database 6 months after your order in order to protect your privacy. We welcome anons.

When it comes to data flow, the Lattice1 uses GridPlus infrastructure as a default way to receive input from third-party apps, but advanced users can choose to use their own cloud endpoint for this purpose - this means that if you wish to, you can completely opt out of using our servers to relay transaction signatures to the blockchain - 100% ownership of your device and your crypto.

The device can also be used as a remote signer for your apps and more - check out our resources for devs here: Developer Resources

Lattice1 Security

There are a lot of safety features in the Lattice1 and we have a dedicated article to explore all of them in more detail, but here's a short overview:

  • Device architecture is designed in a way which prevents 100% of physical attacks

  • Your private keys are never accessible from the internet because of two separate compute environments, despite the Lattice1 being an always-online device

  • Screen contents are always drawn from Lattice firmware, which runs in a secure computation environment, separated from the internet (more on this later) - this ensures you are always signing what you see on the screen

  • PIN-protected SafeCards allow you to both backup your wallet and have a safe cold storage only you can access with your PIN - the cards have a GridPlus issued certificate that only works with an original Lattice1, so nobody can read or change the data from on your card in any way

  • And more. You can find everything about Lattice security in this article:

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