GridPlus Affiliate Program

If you're a reviewer, a crypto personality, a web3 team behind a cool project or just someone who has a vast network and truly loves the Lattice, you can now join our affiliate program and make money with us while helping us spread the word about our hardware wallet!

How Does It Work?

Register with our program in just a few minutes, then share a link with your unique affiliate code on your Lattice1 reviews, YouTube videos, Reddit posts, and tweets to earn 8% of net sales back in USDC via Coinbase! You can sign up right here:

Watch your commissions add up on our dashboard — they’ll lock in 30 days after a sale which allows time for returns and other customer service issues. Your rewards are then paid out monthly.

Please note that your 8% commission is net of any promotions and discounts! Affiliate links do not include a default discount (the price is the same as if you were buying without an affiliate link), but if you want to add a % discount for your readers/customers/users/followers etc., feel free to reach out to us and we'll set you up!

Useful Points to Emphasize in Your Content

Here’s why everyone should switch to the Lattice1:

  • Key Management Hub: Manage all your wallets from a single secure device instead of trying to keep track of accounts spread across multiple devices and applications. The Lattice1 securely pairs with multiple devices simultaneously which lets you easily organize your holdings and access them on the go.

  • Infinite Wallets: PIN-protected GridPlus SafeCards are completely separate hardware wallets you can use with your Lattice1 for unlimited additional cold storage. They can be used with a separate address and switched to on the fly by inserting them into your Lattice1, or you can use them to back up your private keys. Future firmware updates will enable support for easy N-of-M hardware multisig using SafeCards.

  • Human-readable Ethereum Messages: W

  • Intuitive Interface for Everything Crypto: Easily read exactly what you’re signing. The Lattice has a 5" TFT touchscreen, which means no more scrolling displays of 8 hex bytes at a time — you can now read the entire message at once. With our automatic ABI decoding, Ethereum transactions are "translated" directly on the device screen from a hex string to human-readable data.

  • Programmable: The Lattice is a Linux mini-computer with the general and secure compute environments segregated at the component level. This means you have a flexible always-online device, but your private keys are completely inaccessible from the internet. This makes the Lattice1 a uniquely powerful and flexible hardware security tool that will evolve alongside the crypto ecosystem. Developers can integrate support using the GridPlus SDK, or natively deploy applications onto the Lattice1 general compute environment.

  • 100% Ownership of Your Hardware: When you buy a hardware device you should be able to use it as you see fit. GridPlus provides the open-source tools to run your own relay for remote signing or to use a third-party card reader to manage your SafeCards.

  • More Secure: Designed to be resistant to physical intrusion attempts from state-level actors. Mitigates attack vectors from edge cases that other hardware wallets do not take into account. Learn more below!

Above all else, be direct and honest. Educate new users about what the Lattice1 experience is truly like and if you're not sure about something you're writing, feel free to get in touch with us!

Disclose That You Are Receiving Compensation

When sharing your affiliate link, be sure to make it known to your readers and followers that you will receive compensation if they make a purchase using your link. This declaration should be clear and conspicuous. Read the Federal Trade Commission's endorsement rules and peruse their FAQ here.

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