Supported Digital Assets

We're planning on integrating with wallets for Solana and Cosmos in 2024, stay tuned!

The Lattice1 currently supports the following assets with specified derivation paths:

Ethereum (ETH) - MetaMask/Frame/MyCrypto

When it comes to Ethereum-based assets, the general rule is that if you can connect it to MetaMask, you can use it with the Lattice1.

  • Derivation path: m/44'/60'/0'/0/x

  • ETH Layer 2 protocols and forks:

    • Binance Smart Chain

    • Polygon

    • Avalanche

    • Arbitrum

    • And others

  • ERC-20 tokens such as:

    • USDT (stablecoin)

    • USDC (stablecoin)

    • DAI (stablecoin)

    • BAT

    • LINK

    • And others (list of all ERC-20 tokens can be found here)

  • ETH and ETH Layer 2 NFTs:

    • ERC-721, ERC-1155, ERC-998 (NFTs on Ethereum mainnet)

    • NFTs on Polygon, Immutable X, etc.

Bitcoin (BTC) - Lattice Manager

  • Derivation path: m/49'/0'/0'/0/x

  • Supported address types:

    • Legacy/P2PKH BTC addresses (starting with 1)

    • Wrapped SegWit/P2SH addresses (starting with 3) - this is the default address format on your Lattice device

    • We also support native SegWit/bech32 addresses (starting with bc1)

Advanced users may request BTC addresses on any BIP44 path - these may be requested and signed against using the GridPlus SDK.

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