GridPlus MetaMask Extension
MetaMask is one of the world's most popular tools for exploring blockchain applications right from your browser. Millions of people use the MetaMask browser extension to interact with Ethereum and other blockchains to exchange cryptocurrency, collect NFTs, use decentralized applications, log in to sites without sharing their data with third parties, and much more. It's your gateway to the decentralized web.
The best thing about moving to the Lattice1 and using the MetaMask integration is that MetaMask can continue to be the way you interact with Ethereum/other chains every day, but you can stop using its hot wallets and switch to full hardware security without the friction. Everything you're used to doing with MetaMask you can do with all signing requests going to the secure screen of the Lattice1.

The GridPlus MetaMask Extension

Until support is added to the official client this year, the best way to use your Lattice1 every day is with the official GridPlus fork of the MetaMask extension. The fork is open-source and identical to the official client except for support for the Lattice1 added to it using the same approach as legacy hardware wallets.

Setup Guide

You can get the GridPlus MetaMask fork for Chrome here:
MetaMask (GridPlus Fork)
Please be careful to disable the official MetaMask extension if it is installed while using the GridPlus MetaMask extension. Having two copies of the same underlying extension running simultaneously will result in unexpected behavior and poor connectivity with your Lattice.
    Setup a normal MetaMask wallet (you won't need to use this if you choose not to)
    Click on Connect Hardware Wallet
    Choose Lattice1
    This will bring you to the GridPlus Web Wallet interface where you will need to input your device ID and password in order to establish a connection
    Once paired and connected, you will be brought back to MetaMask and will see the address of your device's current wallet (Built-in Lattice1 wallet or SafeCard)
    Repeat this process to pair additional Lattice1 ETH addresses (optional)
There's no way to add multiple SafeCards to the MetaMask extension - adding a new one will remove existing pairings because of the one hardware wallet MM constraint.


Pairing issues (such as Error 500: Timed out when attempting to Connect Hardware Wallet etc.):
Signing requests from MetaMask are not showing up on the Lattice1: You will need to update to the latest version of both the fork and the device's firmware to solve this.
Apps slow down browser speed to a point where it's impossible to do anything (Chrome): Delete all cookies and the cache for the service you're trying to use with MM (such as Zapper).
My Ledger addresses won’t display in MetaMask: Please press the click here link in the Select an Account section, use that dropdown to select the desired path, and hit save.

What Chains Can You Use?

Basically anything you can use with MetaMask you can use with the Lattice1. This generally means Ethereum, all ETH-based DeFi projects and Ethereum clones/forks, L2 or sidechains, such as:
    Binance Smart Chain
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