Eidoo App (Mobile)

Eidoo App is a currently the only mobile app with support for the Lattice1 - if you wanted to use MetaMask Mobile with your device but couldn't because it's not possible to connect your Lattice to it as of now, Eidoo is a great alternative with a sleek UI that works flawlessly with our wallet.
Eidoo may be installed for both iOS and/or Android. Get it here:

Connecting to Eidoo

After installing Eidoo, creating a hot wallet is required before you can connect a hardware wallet, similar to MetaMask. Here's how to get through this and connect your Lattice:
  1. 1.
    Tap and hold to generate a new wallet (and agree to the T&Cs right after)
  2. 2.
    Then, click the account circle in the top left and choose "Connect Hardware Wallet"
  3. 3.
    Set an app password
  1. 4.
    Confirm the unused hot wallet seed phrase (required by the app)
  2. 5.
    Click the account button in the top left once again and choose "Connect Hardware Wallet"
  3. 6.
    Select the GridPlus Lattice1 option and tap on next
  1. 7.
    Login with your device ID (found on the main page of your Lattice1) and choose a password
  2. 8.
    Enter the secret code displayed on your Lattice into Eidoo
  3. 9.
    Choose the address derivation type (if your wallet was created on the Lattice, the default choice is correct, select the Ledger one if your wallet was created on a Ledger)
  1. 10.
    Select all the addresses from your Lattice that you wish to use with Eidoo
And you're done!
Check out Eidoo's Term of Service and Privacy Policy!