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Mint Your GridPunk!

GridPunks are the first ever hardware-verified NFTs, meaning that in order to claim the NFT one must sign with a Lattice1's unique PUF chip to claim.

How It Works

Irreproducible atomic scale variations on the secure enclave chip inside the Lattice1 and our firmware keys combined in true entropy to create unique keys for each Lattice1. Using the subsequent key, a message can be signed to earn a special "Verified Lattice1 Owner" POAP. This POAP can be claimed to any Ethereum address. Using the POAP in our discord, a "Verified Lattice Owner" Discord server role can be assigned which gives access to an exclusive chat channel and the ability to mint one GridPunk per Lattice1.

Step-By-Step Guide

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    Claim your "Verified Lattice Owner" POAP In short, on your Lattice1 go to:System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Verify Lattice and sign the message "POAP". You will then be directed to a page with a claim link for your POAP. via QR code.
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    Head over to the mint page to mint your GridPunk! They are free to mint, just pay the Ethereum gas fee.

Privacy Considerations

GridPlus does not, and can not, make the connection between a specific user's Lattice and their personal information when a user claims the POAP/GridPunk to their address. We (our backend code) only know that a valid Lattice1 key has signed the message "POAP", and the POAP can be minted to any wallet the user chooses. Also, they do not have to be minted to a Lattice1 wallet's address at all. If the user wishes the POAP and subsequently the GridPunk, which is a publicly viewable NFT, can be minted to a new address to maintain anonymity.
To claim the Discord role GridPlus uses the discord bot which checks a users connected address for the required POAP to claim the role. The guild bot is completely open source. Again, the Discord account can be connected through the bot to any of the user's addresses they wish to connect, and the role will be awarded if the connected address contains the POAP.