Managing Your Bitcoin Wallet

The Lattice1 includes a robust and secure BTC wallet. The bitcoin wallet is derived from the same keys as the Ethereum wallet on Lattice1 hardware, and while you can view addresses and receive BTC directly on the Lattice screen, the contents of the bitcoin wallet and the send functionality are viewed and managed on the Lattice Manager webpage.

BTC wallet setup

Navigate to the Lattice Manager and log in with your Device ID and password.
After you have successfully logged in with your Lattice's device ID, select Bitcoin Wallet which will bring you to the settings page.
You will then need to select the address derivation type you want to derive BTC addresses from your Lattice or SafeCard keys.
There are three options for BTC address derivation listed under Bitcoin Wallet Type. This can be changed if you aren't sure which type your original wallet used.
Each address derivation type handles transaction generation differently, but they all are interoperable with each other on the protocol level.
  • Legacy Bitcoin addresses start with a '1' and are the original Bitcoin address type.
  • Segwit addresses begin with 'bc1'. This is the default BTC address type as viewed on the Lattice1, but can be switched to Wrapped Segwit in System Settings. This standard was developed to have lower tx fees than Legacy transactions.
  • Wrapped Segwit addresses begin with a '3' and are standard for most modern BTC wallets. This standard added basic scripting functionality to BTC addresses.
After you have selected the Bitcoin wallet derivation type, navigate to the BTC Wallet Tab. The first time you load the BTC wallet you will need to load your addresses from your Lattice1, so press "Start" to load BTC addresses.
If you don't see a balance, make sure the addresses both on your Lattice and on the receive tab in the Lattice Manager are familiar, if not, try changing the BTC wallet derivation type and reloading the addresses.

Sending BTC

To send BTC, on the main page of the Lattice Manager, click the Bitcoin Wallet tab then the send tab. Enter a receiving address and an amount then click 'Send'. You will need to approve the transaction on your Lattice1 screen.
On the BTC Wallet > History tab, you will now see a pending tx notice with a link to monitor the transaction's progress on the blockchain. BTC transfers can take around 10 minutes to confirm and reflect in your BTC wallet.
BTC uses the Unspent Transaction Output (UTXO) model which acts quite different than the Account model Ethereum uses to keep track of wallet balances. To learn more please see [this article].

Receiving BTC

For receiving BTC you have two options, scan the QR code directly from the Lattice1 screen, or going to the receive tab in the Lattice Manager and grabbing the address(es) displayed there.
Note that every time you receive BTC a new address is generated within your wallet, and your wallet sums all the BTC in each address to display your total BTC balance in the history tab.