Lattice1 Overview

The GridPlus Lattice1 is a next-generation hardware wallet designed by crypto users for crypto users - created to be a digital asset management hub for a world which actively uses cryptocurrency and where creating cryptographic signatures will become as common as sending a text message today.

The Best Way to Use Crypto Today

  • 5" TFT touchscreen allows secure human-readable signing for smart-contract blockchains
  • Use SafeCards to easily and securely back up your accounts
  • Our very own Lattice Manager app to manage contract ABIs, address tags and other features
  • Programmable through the SDK, easy to build upon for developers
  • Learn more about the general concept of the device:

Advanced Security Without Compromise

  • Designed to be resistant to physical intrusion attempts from state-level actors
  • Two compute environments that never communicate directly with each other - even though the Lattice1 is an always-online device, your private keys are completely inaccesible from the internet
  • Your private keys are protected by an anti-tamper security mesh mechanism that prevents all physical attacks on your wallet
  • Read more about the Lattice1's security features:

Work with Metamask and Other Integrations

  • Use DeFi with the versatility of MetaMask and the security of a hardware wallet
  • Sign requests from multiple hardware wallet accounts at the same time
  • Find out how to connect to the MetaMask extension:
The device can also be used to confirm transactions from an infinite number of hardware wallets whose seeds are stored on the PIN-protected GridPlus SafeCards. Learn more about SafeCards below!