Lattice1 Pairing Troubleshooting

Both the GridPlus Web Wallet and MetaMask pairings go through the same connect module, which asks for a device ID and a password. This pairing generates a private key which is used to form the encrypted channel used for communication.

The device ID for this connect module can be found on your Lattice1 - simply go to Device ID when you login to the device system. The password is set up when you first pair your Lattice1 to the web wallet or MetaMask (the password field in the connect module is associated with the specific app rather than the module itself) - if you forget it, you will have to reset the pairing connection (more on that later).

You will also use a different password to unlock MetaMask on your browser - the pairing password is the one you use to connect the Lattice1 to apps via our connect module.


Most pairing issues can be resolved very quickly. You have to first remove the pairing on both sides and re-pair with the app again.


  1. On your Lattice1, navigate to Permissions, select MetaMask and delete the permission

  2. Remove the connection from your MetaMask extension by clicking the three dots and selecting Remove account from the menu

  3. Once this is done, you can click on Connect Hardware Wallet in your MetaMask and go through the standard pairing process;

  4. From available hardware wallets, select Lattice1

  5. Enter the pairing secret from your Lattice1 screen

  6. Select the derivation path and all the addresses you want to use

  7. Done!

You can either pair SafeCard addresses or Lattice1 addresses with MetaMask, but the extension only supports pairing one HW wallet at a time so you must select one or the other.

If you try to add both it will allow you to proceed, but the addresses you paired before will be removed automatically.

GridPlus Web Wallet

  1. Log out of the GridPlus Web Wallet app

  2. On your Lattice1, go to Permissions, select GridPlus Web Wallet and delete the permission

  3. Back at the web wallet login screen, enter your device ID again and a new password - you will now go through the same pairing process as before

  4. You will be prompted to enter the pairing secret you see on your Lattice1 screen and when you do so, you will be logged back into your wallet and you should see your balances and tx history

  5. Done!

Get a New Device ID

If you're having issues with logging into the connect module in the first place (this is very rare), you'll have to generate a new device ID, please follow these steps:

  1. On your Lattice1, go to Settings

  2. Choose Advanced

  3. And finally, Reset Router

  4. Confirm with Yes

If you reset your device's router, you will also reset your WiFi SSID (you will have to reconnect to your network) and all custom GCE settings (such as your custom message router endpoint).

This will NOT erase your wallet or your secure data.