Send and Receive Crypto
The GridPlus Web Wallet allows you to send simple transactions as well as receive crypto to your wallet. When you're logged in, you can find the Send and Receive tabs in the menu on the left.
We highly recommend you get the GridPlus MetaMask extension to send transactions and work with crypto in general - the functionality of the web wallet is limited and MetaMask can offer more features and a user-friendly UX.

Switching Currencies

You can switch between ETH and BTC in the top right corner of the app. If you want to switch between the Lattice1 built-in wallet and a SafeCard wallet, insert the SafeCard, unlock it with your PIN and after the device is done with syncing addresses, simply click on the refresh button up there.

Sending Bitcoin

Sending bitcoin is quite easy, simply paste the address you're sending BTC to, input the amount you want to send (clicking on Max will send you entire BTC balance minus the fee) and you can also increase or decrease the fee you want to pay.
When you're done, just click on Send.
The higher the fee, the faster the transaction confirmation will be.
You will of course have to confirm the transaction regardless of what crypto you're sending on your Lattice1 screen!

Sending Ethereum

When you're sending ETH, you can define and customize a few more things:
    Recipient - Input the address you're sending the funds to.
    Value - Choose an amount you want to send (Max will copy your entire wallet balance).
    Gas Price and Gas Limit - Customize the cost of the transaction - the total cost of the tx will be Gas Price * Gas Limit. The higher the cost, the faster the transaction.
Gas Limit should never be below 21000 - this is the amount required for basic transfer!
    Nonce - The nonce is the total number of transactions from a specific address. Defining the nonce lets you set the order in which the transactions originating from your account should be mined. If you did a ten step process and needed to sign everything in the proper order, you can queue up transactions all the with the same gas price without worrying that they'll be processed out of order. Normally this happens automatically, but you might want to customize the nonce to help with certain situations like a stuck transaction holding everything up because you sent a transaction with the fee too low for it to get mined in a reasonable amount of time. Sending a new transaction with the same nonce and a higher tx fee will let you replace the original one if you catch it in time.
    Data - Input custom data in hex you want to send as a message with the transaction.
    Send - s n e d !

Receiving Crypto

The Receive tab shows you your BTC or ETH address - both as a QR code and as a hex string with the possibility to simply copy your address with a single click.
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