GridPlus Web Wallet
The GridPlus Web Wallet is a simple wallet app to view addresses and balances as well as send transactions from your device's active wallet and more. The app is used to manage ABI contract definitions and you can also use it to route messages from your Lattice1 through your own server.

Getting Started

1. Go to the GridPlus Web Wallet
GridPlus Wallet
2. Enter your Device ID (you can find that on your Lattice1's home screen as the last item in the main menu - simply tap on Device ID) and create a password for logging in.
You define this password; it is not saved anywhere and is simply used to establish a secure connection between your web wallet and your Lattice1 device and as a source of randomness.
If you forget this password, you can always remove the connection from your Lattice by going to Permissions → GridPlus Web Wallet → Delete, logging out, and creating a new password.
3. Enter the pairing secret you now see on your Lattice1 screen. You have 1 minute to do so.
4. And you're now logged in!


In the menu on the left, you can find 5 tabs:
    Wallet lets you see your crypto balance, its value in dollars and also a short transaction history.
    Send and Receive are used for, well, sending and receiving BTC/ETH. Here's a more in-depth article:
    Contract data lets you load custom Ethereum ABI smart contract definitions to your Lattice1, which makes working with apps for which the contract packs are available much safer, as you can really read what you're signing with your own eyes instead of staring at a cryptic hex string. Read more:
    Limits can be used to set spending limits when you're on the go - you wallet will automatically sign transaction requests. You can customize both the limit amount and how often it resets. If you're unsure why you would want to use this feature and want to learn more, you can do so here:
    Settings allow you to manage 3rd party connections created via the Lattice1 Connector and you can also setup a custom endpoint for routing Lattice1 messages in case you want to use your own infrastructure instead of the default one provided by GridPlus. Here's how to do it:

Switching currencies and wallets

The Web Wallet currently supports holding, receiving and sending BTC, ETH and some ERC-20 tokens - if you want to work with crypto more deeply, we recommend using the GridPlus MetaMask extension. You can switch between currencies very simply - just select the one you want to use in the top right corner.
You may switch between wallets at any time on your Lattice1 device by inserting or removing SafeCards. When there is no SafeCard inserted, it means you are using the built-in Lattice1 wallet. When on this wallet, your home screen will show Lattice1 Addresses as the first item.
If you wish to switch to a SafeCard wallet, insert and unlock the card with your PIN. Your home screen will now show SafeCard Addresses as the first item. On the web wallet, you simply press the Refresh button on the top right of the screen (it should tell you the wallet it currently knows about) - this will refresh the connection with the Lattice1 and will update the current wallet to whatever is active on your device.
Last modified 3mo ago